Enchiladas verdes - Mexico 2005

Travel time: October / November 2005  |  by Daniela Dohmen

2 girls, 1 car, 4 weeks and 5000 kilometres

Greetings from Mexico 9/10/2005

Summary: The idea to go to Mexico on vacation had come up early 2005. We booked a flight (Düsseldorf - London - Mexico City), a car for four weeks and the hotel for the first night. Of course, we had planned our tour using books and online services (Lonely Planet and the German Reise Knowhow), however, except for the first night, we didn't make any further reservations. The following report was written "on the road". Where ever we'd find an Internet cafe (and there were lots!), we'd go online and drop our folks at home a note. "We", by the way, are Silke and Daniela (Danny).

Enjoy the ride.


Just a quickie to tell you that Silke and I arrived safely yesterday (Sunday, Oct 9). Mexico City is huge. Not as stunning as New York City (hi, Rosie!) but most definitely exciting and crowded with people. The "final approach" on the airport was so unbelieveable. The city has grown so much that you literally fly over houses and highways.

We were pretty beat after the 11 flight from London although we had good seats (a row of three seats to ourselves). Still, we were so happy when we finally arrived. Immigration and customs were no problem. My suitcase was even there on time. At the airport they use the dreaded traffic-light system: If your light is green, you may go, if it's red, you have to present your suitcase for inspection. Our lights were green. Another interesting fact: Silke was allowed to stay for 35 days, I got 42.

We stayed at the Hotel Catedral (http://www.hotelcatedral.com/) and it was indeed very nice - right in the centre of Mexico City. Very quiet, much to our surprise. The jet lag got to us a bit - despite our tireness we didn`t sleep a lot. My cell phone doesn`t work yet for some reason. Silke`s does though. Called home early morning here to reassure my grandmother that we were still alive.

They speak a lot of Spanish here... but so far we`ve managed beautifully thanks to my little travel dictionary. The people look different. Dark skin, dark eyes and hair. It's different from Europe, that's for sure. Exotic and exciting. At first I felt a bit out of place - because I stood out I guess - but that feeling settled after about half an hour.

Today (Monday, Oct 10) we got our rental car. Let`s say it was quite an adventure to get out of Mexico City. Not because of the driving - jedi drivers everywhere - no, it was because of the very strange street system and we didn`t find the right highway. When we did, we exited it again by accident because we didn`t understand the toll system. Back we went to Mexico City and then back again on the old route.

Around 2 p.m. we arrived at our destination for the next few days: Teotihuacan, in the north of the city where the first famous pyramid site is located. I had read a rec in my travel book about a hotel that belongs to Club Med and upon our inquiry they indeed had a lovely, beautiful room for us. Very colourful hotel, an old hacienda. It`s within walking distance to the pyramids. URL: http://www.teotihuacaninfo.com/englishmain.html

Right now we`re in an internet cafe after shopping on a market. Man, the people are ... efficient. Very friendly but they offered so many fruits when they noticed that we were foreigners. They also asked for the German word for the fruits and we all had a great time. Meeting people is so much fun, even if you can only communicate with hands and feet sometimes. We tried to deny politely but we had no chance - and now walk around with a bag full of fruits (free of charge). We bought some, too, of course.

So far, our health has not been compromised .

Tomorrow, we go and visit the pyramids and then... into the pool in the afternoon to relax for the next leg of our trip later this week.

© Daniela Dohmen, 2007
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