Enchiladas verdes - Mexico 2005

Travel time: October / November 2005  |  by Daniela Dohmen

Los piramidos

Me again, still in Teotihuacan.

Silke and I spent the day (well, the morning until 2 p.m.) visiting the incredible pyramids of Teotihuacan. We arrived rather early (still taking advantage of the jet lag) and almost had the whole area to ourselves. That, and the temperatures were still ok and not too warm. When we arrived I still wasn´t sure if I wanted to climb the pyramids and when we got closer and got a good look at them, I thought... no, that´s not my thing, heights and all. Then we got very close ... and I did it. I climbed up the Pyramid of the Sun, which is the world´s third largest pyramid. We felt the "thin air" and rested a lot. The view was awesome (even the view *down*). We met an American film group that apparently did a documentary and it was fun to watch them doing their jobs, repeating dialogues and takes over and over again.

We also met a 83 year old man from the United States who had climbed these pyramids in 1943. We had a lovely conversation and he told us in the end that "the hurt will go away, but the memories will stay forever". He was refering to the hike up the pyramids and his words were so true. Speaking of which, I really regret that my Spanish is so rusty. It would be so much fun to be able to talk to the people here, who are all, no exception so far, very friendly. One vendor told me today that I had nice eyes. Or maybe he said I had a green eye <g> but he stared into my eyes and used the word "verde". Quite macho but he was old so...

The food is delicious. Scrambled eggs with red chili in a green chili sauce - and that´s for breakfast. So far we´ve been extremely lucky and had no problems whatsoever with the food or climate.

Tomorrow we´ll leave and head south to Oaxaca. We don´t know yet what we´ll do after that because the hurricane last week destroyed some areas in the south and we will watch the news to see what we can do. If it doesn´t work out, we¨ll take the other way round. No worries.

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