Enchiladas verdes - Mexico 2005

Travel time: October / November 2005  |  by Daniela Dohmen

Beautiful Oaxaca 14.10.05

Silke and I arrived in Oaxaca yesterday and actually I had already written a long email when my mail server crashed and now I have to start all over again. So, this will be short

Oaxaca is about 580 km south of Mexico City. Yesterday evening we found a tiny hotel which was a rec in Silke's travel book:


As a matter of fact, I secured the room "with my life". Oaxaca´s historical district is crowded with cars and people in the evenings and when driving around and not getting anywhere, I suggested to walk the little distance on foot to make sure we'd still get the room. The hotel only has 6 rooms. So, I jumped out of the car and literally ran. No problem, my back is good again. So, I checked in and everything and then went outside to show Silke where to park. Silke wasn´t there, however. The traffic was bad but it was only two blocks and she shouldn´ve been there already. Ok, I stood there for about 45 minutes (!) with no money, no passport, no phone, no luggage and was seriously starting to get worried... but I didn´t move. We had agreed to meet at the hotel and Silke would find me first rather than I´d find her. She did in the end and told me that after I'd jumped out of the car the police had blocked the road due to some festival activities and she had to drive around and around until she could get to the hotel. Needless to say, it didn´t help matters that there are many one-way roads in the historical district. Honestly, I´ve never felt to lost in my life. I wasn't afraid of the people or anything but the thought of having nothing on me except my clothes that I wore... it was scary.

Anyway, we´re here now and it is beautiful. We decided to stay here for four nights and will leave on Sunday morning.

Next time I´ll write you´ll hear all of our adventures to get to Oaxaca and how we got stopped by the police in Mexico City...

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