Enchiladas verdes - Mexico 2005

Travel time: October / November 2005  |  by Daniela Dohmen


Menden, Germany

British Airways uses "World traveller" and "Euro traveller" to identify the various destinations. My bordering pass stated "World Traveller" and it made me grin. It's true, isn't?

Silke and I spent our last morning in Mexico City in front of the TV and watched re-runs of Smallville, Third Watch and Gilmore Girls. It was neat to do nothing but it was also a bit borning because we just waited for the time to pass. When the taxi brought us to the airport in the
late afternoon, the old excitement was back. We learned at the check-in that the plane would be full but we decided on our usual seat arangement (me window, Silke aisle). The clerk pointed out that we would probably have a stranger sitting between us but we didn't care. The stranger turned out to be an Italian American travelling from San Francisco via Mexico City via London to Rome. Young guy, not too bad looking but most definitely too young.

Our plane (Boeing 747-400) boarded early, but when we were ready for take-off and already on the runway, the pilot said "we have a problem" and apparently the luggage was stored incorrectly and would maybe, maybe not interfere with the plane's optimal balance of weight. So, we rolled
back to the gate, the airport people re-arranged the luggage and we could take off with a 90 minutes delay. In the end we arrived only 23 minutes late in Heathrow.

The flight was *so* uneventful because I fell asleep after dinner and woke up over Iceland with only two more hours to go. Fabulous. The male flight attendant called me "madame" (not ma'am, because he was British). Quite cute and one of the others commented on my classes. That was the
first time actually - or maybe the Mexican people had also commented but I didn't get it. Now, back in English speaking territory, it was a whole different world.

And a different world it was indeed. Suddenly we did not attract attention anymore with our height and white skin. At Heathrow I used the bathroom and... wow, there was toilet paper, paper towels and actually very clean facilities. Don't get me wrong, we could handle Mexico just fine but it was such a drastic different to walk into the ladies room at Heathrow. Hard to explain.

We had three hours time which passed quickly - I spotted the DVD of Episode III but did not buy it (because it was already waiting for me at home). We arrived in Düsseldorf on time and Silke's parents picked us up as planned.

My suitcase is on the floor, some stuff already in the laundry and I had my first German sandwhich and coffee. What a delight, after all.

Until next time,

Danny, World Traveller

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The trip
2 girls, 1 car, 4 weeks and 5000 kilometres
Start of journey: Oct 09, 2005
Duration: 4 weeks
End of journey: Nov 05, 2005
Travelled countries: Mexico
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