Round the world in 7 months

Travel time: November 2004 - June 2005  |  by Volker (Heusche) Pakulat

California: San Francisco

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San Francisco is really a nice city. Not too big and not too small. It offers a lot of restaurants, pubs and clubs; but quiet places and a small beach as well.The city is clean and except some "dark" places it seems to be safe. Though there are a lot of tourists you don't have the impression that the tourists rule the town; except one place: Fisherman's Warft! This is "THE" tourist place, but its nice and clean. Located at the harbour it offers tours, souvenir shops, restaurants and all other stuff tourists need or don't need. But even here I felt comfortable and not like in a tourist trap. There are some smaller cities around like Berkely, Oakland and Emeryville, all of them are worth a visit. The only 2 "bad" things I figured out were first: there is only one small beach near the town and second: You really have to be fit if you walk around there. San Francisco is build on a hill and some streets are awful steep. Though I think I am quite fit I was sometimes out of breath and not only because of the beautiful California girls!

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The trip
Ghana, Rio, Caribbean, USA, New Zealand, South Sea, Philipines, Thailand and more. Will try to write my experineces and make you jealous. So check this out once in a while! ;-) There is a guest book too, tell me what\'s going on over there and how envious you are! ;-) Take care
Start of journey: Nov 13, 2004
Duration: 7 months
End of journey: Jun 20, 2005
Travelled countries: Ghana
Trinidad and Tobago
United States
New Zealand
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Volker (Heusche) Pakulat is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 18 years.
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