Round the world in 7 months

Travel time: November 2004 - June 2005  |  by Volker (Heusche) Pakulat

Ghana,a totally different world: Bosua, the Rasta village

Bosua ist just 30 minutes away from Takoradi and offers probably the best beaches in Ghana. The beach and the water are clean, there are some nice little bars which mostly belong to Rasta men (The real Rasta men! They don't like Bob Marley and Shaggy and they refused to play them). They prepare a great meal with fish or lobster and of course they have cold drinks. Sometimes it's too unreal. You sit in one of these little bars right next to the sea. You had your lobster and now you are enyoing a cold beer or African herb(An African snaps that almost burns your tongue away, but it's only 10 cents a shot), you are listening to Raggea music and the sound of the waves. There is a small island in front of you and the moon is just above it. It's really a place to relax and meditate.

Meditation is a big thing here. One evening, when I was sitting in one of these bars a Rasta man joined me and we started to talk. After a while he asked me for a drink because he needed it for his meditation. He finished it and asked friendly for another one. (of course this African herb) "Just for meditation" he said. After the 7th shot he looked at me and said: "Now I'm ready for meditation"! He fell off his chair, fell asleep immediately and started to snore. I smiled and went home and tried to sleep long ... but they have goats here!!!!

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The trip
Ghana, Rio, Caribbean, USA, New Zealand, South Sea, Philipines, Thailand and more. Will try to write my experineces and make you jealous. So check this out once in a while! ;-) There is a guest book too, tell me what\'s going on over there and how envious you are! ;-) Take care
Start of journey: Nov 13, 2004
Duration: 7 months
End of journey: Jun 20, 2005
Travelled countries: Ghana
Trinidad and Tobago
United States
New Zealand
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Volker (Heusche) Pakulat is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 18 years.
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