Round the world in 7 months

Travel time: November 2004 - June 2005  |  by Volker (Heusche) Pakulat

Ghana,a totally different world: The Flight to Accra and African Medicine

Usually nothing much happens on a flight and the only thing to do is kill time drinking and sleeping, which is what I did. But, during that particular flight someone's screaming and shouting woke me. I turned around expecting to see a fight or something like that, instead I was amazed. There was a group of passengers standing over a woman lying on the floor, and another woman kneeling over her,praying loudly in Fanti (an African language). I guess she was a doctor, at least she has a stethoscope with her. The woman's praying got louder and louder in an interesting, rhythmic chant that others joined in. After about five minutes the woman rose from floor and walked to her seat. I asked someone what happened and was told the woman had fainted and the doctor brought her back to life!!! Maybe she would have regained without all the praying and shouting but maybe not. There are many stories about African medicin men and it's hard for us to believe in them. But in this case it worked ... for sure.

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The trip
Ghana, Rio, Caribbean, USA, New Zealand, South Sea, Philipines, Thailand and more. Will try to write my experineces and make you jealous. So check this out once in a while! ;-) There is a guest book too, tell me what\'s going on over there and how envious you are! ;-) Take care
Start of journey: Nov 13, 2004
Duration: 7 months
End of journey: Jun 20, 2005
Travelled countries: Ghana
Trinidad and Tobago
United States
New Zealand
The Author
Volker (Heusche) Pakulat is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 18 years.
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