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Travel time: March - August 2009  |  by alex alex

Kep and Rabbit Island

We did a short stopover in Kep, which is a small seaside place with a couple of hundred inhabitants, mainly famous for its crab market and the hammock stands around the center, as there is nothing else that is remarkable about the place (the least its beach, which is rocky and mostly dirty) which goy electricity only 2 years ago. Surprisingly, there are some upper-class bungalow resorts way out of our budget, no idea who keeps them alive.

Nothing to do? There is always a hammock nearby...

Nothing to do? There is always a hammock nearby...

Anyway, the crabs we had here were among the best food we had here so far, and so were the banana pancakes we had in the Led Zep cafe next to our guesthouse.

And with Rabbit Island, just a 40 minutes bumpy boat ride away, there is a nice beach alternative, though the medusas (jellyfish) we saw on the way there measured some 50 cm and were rather scary to watch, but we had a nice swim despite the threat and got away with nothing else than sunburn.

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