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Travel time: March - August 2009  |  by alex alex

Pakse and surroundings

Next station on our way southward was Pakse. We took a bus there which, according to my understanding of the sales clerks pidgin English should have arrived there either after 12 hours of driving or at 12 midnight. We reached a bus station in the middle of nowhere around 11.30 p.m., and the bus driver made me understand that he needs his break now and we will go on around 3 a.m. He then climbed up the roof of his bus where he slept until 5 a.m., then drove another 15 minutes and announced we were in Pakse. I didn't yet figure out for myself whether him or us were the stupid ones in that story, but at least it saved us payment for accommodation for one night.

One of the better restaurants in town

One of the better restaurants in town

Pakse is one more of those places which is nice to be in but has actually nothing really worth remembering. We took another motorcycle here for a bone-shaking waterfall tour and made it to 3 out of the 4 that are in the nearby surroundings of the city. Scenic pictures of some 40 meter cascades, a refreshing swim in some other one...

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