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Travel time: March - August 2009  |  by alex alex

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital of 1,5 million people, is a city of contrasts. Its outskirts stretch into some vast green rice fields, followed by some barren, desert-like grounds before the city itself begins. There is huge traffic here, much more than I would expect for a city of that size, with no rules applying at all with the exception that softer or weaker targets make way to the bigger ones. That means trucks and buses intimidate everyone and everything, motorcycles just bother pedestrians, and if you walk, you better have good reflexes, health and life insurance in your pocket, and the first-aid kit nearby, as you will be ignored as a traffic participant. As foreigners involved into accidents are always found to be the guilty and therefore paying party, local recommendation is to leave the place of an accident as quick as possible.
We decided not to try our fate by cycle and are just moving per pedes, making quite some kilometers per day. Not surprising, we are always pretty hungry and have to live of what the big-city-jungle has to offer...

Whatever moves, you can also eat!

Whatever moves, you can also eat!

Apart from its minor dangers and curiosities, Phnom Penh also has its fair share of temples, the Royal Palace, and the usual French-inspired colonial architecture...

The ever present issue of waste removal is adressed, but obviously perceived with some irony.

And don't you dare to bring your assault rifle and your combat dog to the nightclub, otherwise they will throw their walkie-talkie on you!

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