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Travel time: September 2005 - March 2006  |  by Matthew Audley

Preparation and general freaking out.: there was a party. cake was served.

One last sleepless night before we're off.

i must thank everyone for the excellent party - particularly the siblings who hosted it. i miss everyone already but it was nice to have so many people to see us off.

it's an ICECREAM cake...this makes a difference.

it's an ICECREAM cake...this makes a difference.

So, it appears that this thing is actually happening. i'll believe it when we get on the plane.. maybe. or maybe when we arrive. maybe?

take care, everyone.. next update may be a lot more difficult than this one. we shall see.

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The trip
Leaving for bangkok on Sept. 12. Where we go from there is anyone's guess. Hoping to see Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. Be back in six months or so if everything goes well. There really isn't much of a route planned - we'll see what happens.
Start of journey: Sep 12, 2005
Duration: 6 months
End of journey: Mar 19, 2006
Travelled countries: Thailand
Southeastern Asia
The Author
Matthew Audley is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 19 years.
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