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Travel time: September 2005 - March 2006  |  by Matthew Audley

THAILAND -Bangkok.: Bamboo Guesthouse, Bangkok

Day 3 - sept. 16th.

Expect this to get a whole lot messier. computers out here not so hot..(Ayutthaya)

Day 3, we checked out of our lovely home at Suk 11, calling around to secure a place down near Khao San called the Bamboo guesthouse (250B). So it's a lot cheaper and that came with trade offs, but not such a bad place . No included breakfast (boohoo), no hot water, no toilet paper, no sinks, towels, etc... Nice fenced in front area.

We managed to settle in there by 10:30 and did very little else with the day - some shopping, lunching... a three hour nap for catherine.. booring..

To bed early and up at 4:30 as usual.

Day 4 - Wat Pho and the World Trade Centre

Another long day, day 4. Also, Bangkok is already beginning to get on my nerves.. I think it must be the constant harrasement from stray tuk-tuk drivers. Arg.

Walked out to see Wat Pho - it's fairly close by, in con man central. Wat Pho is the home of the huge reclining buddha. Other than that it's really more of the same. Maybe i'm becoming jaded with the hugely impressive architecture a little too quickly here.

The reclining buddha at wat pho.

The reclining buddha at wat pho.

More of the same?  Wat Pho.

More of the same? Wat Pho.

In the afternoon, we'd intended to check out the weekend market, but the long taxi ride to the Skytrain dissuaded us. Also, we were right by the World Trade Centre. It really is the Eaton Centre East, but there were a few neat things and i got to play a piano, albeit fleetingly.

Getting fed and getting home that night was a hideous ordeal, not to be discussed. Should've just got to Burger King afterall.

Chillin' at Eaton Centre East.

Chillin' at Eaton Centre East.

Day 5 - Chatuchak Market and Thai Massage

Off to the skytrain early this morning to head north to the huge weekend market - the skytrain goes right there so it wasn't too bad. The market itself is impossible to conceive of properly - i really couldn't tell you how big it is or what fraction of it we managed to see in the six exhausting hours we spent there.. We finally got some nice sarongs, some shirts and.. misc. stuff (i even bargained moderately succesfully for those sarongs). Quite an experience.

It goes on like this forever... really.

It goes on like this forever... really.

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Leaving for bangkok on Sept. 12. Where we go from there is anyone's guess. Hoping to see Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. Be back in six months or so if everything goes well. There really isn't much of a route planned - we'll see what happens.
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