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Travel time: September 2005 - March 2006  |  by Matthew Audley

Catherine's Hanoi Traffic Report.

Vietnamese Driving School: All you need to know to drive in Vietnam

"Here is the horn; use it in the following situation..."

1. When you're approaching an intersection
2. When you're driving through an intersection
3. When having just driven through an interestion
4. When approaching a turn
5. When making a turn
6. When having just made a turn
7. When about to pass another vehicle
8. When passing another vehicle
9. When having just passed another vehicle
10. When a vehicle is passing you
11. When you see people, cows, or potential fares
12. Optional: While driving on a straighaway
While stopped at a red light
While passing by oncoming traffic

"And remember, when in doubt - Honk! It is better to have honked in vain, than to have never honked at all"

Admitedly, the honking is much better in Hanoi than it was in Vinh, but the traffic is ten times worse. I'm not sure how to even describe the chaos that are the intersections, so hopefully Mat can get a picture that does it justice (ed. - no) !! There are very few traffic lights and so there are points when all four directions are going through the intersection at once!!

(ed. - wading out into the stream of traffic is the only way to cross the street, too. you just walk slowly and they drive around you. it's always interesting. yesterday i got hit by a bike. )



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