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sally 1314969303000
really? now im planning to visit rather than Myanmar or Australia,,anyone may help? this http://www.evisaasia.com
anonymous 1314536795000
Hi we just spent 1 week in indonesia and we just got a 1 week Visa. Got it at the boarder. Don't know about this website sorry. Have a Save travel and enjoy Indonesia. Cheers
sally 1314463160000
hi. Next month I'll need to visit my friend in Indonesia and need to know about how to apply visa. Google around and came across http://www.evisaasia.com, does anyone try this website before? Is this reliable?
offthetrack 1266839995000
Hi Claire
sorry but we don't remember where exactly it was in Saigon. We're sure you can ask anywhere there to find it out. Good luck and fun there
claire 1261669529000
Hi. Sounds like you had a brill time. My boyfriend and I are planning on being in Vietnam in February. Just wondering where you picked up the mopeds? And do you know what the company was called? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks xx
tahir khan 1260804808000
hey guys
i really miss you people
i miss the time when we were togather for 2 days
sammi 1233682574000
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Elise! (Sorry!!) 1221483422000
Hey you funny guuuys!!!

I dont know were to start.. BUT! I,m Elise, from singapore and Prince of Wales. You guys left us a note, but we never figured out your email and we always forgot the url to the page, when we had internet! We just arrived back in norway, 2 weeks ago.

How about you? Your pictures looks amaziiing!! Do you have facebook? If so; Search for Elise Gurandsrud, thats me! It would be nice to keep in touch, we will never forget you funny guys, hehe! HUGS
Eveline (starving) 1221483384000
Heey Guys!!

How are u going?!
Lies and i are back home again
Do you know when you will be back? We miss our bowls!

Byebye have fun and be safe (K)
mr.t (greetings) 1221483350000
hey guys... i know this isn´t a good character but i´m really jealous ... sorry 4 that...
i´m back in germany & i miss u and the adventure...

well... have a good trip & c u as soon as possible (properly not in germany)
Hungry from Paihia 1221483298000
Heeey Starving!
Cool site! We talk a lot about you and i read your story every night before going to bed of course
How are you? And how are our bowls doing?
Make sure you still have them when you arrive back in Germany, cause we'll come and pick them up
Good luck and have fun on the road

We 1221483157000
Hi everybody out there,

if you made it till here, feel free to write us something. We will be happy like a frog in a sock

Greetz Florian, Andy and Moritz