Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Malaysia 09.01.08 - 25.01.08: Kuala Lumpur Capital

In Kuala Lumpur we met Ulrich Keller a friend. We spoke about Malaysia and went to a Malaysian restaurant to taste the local food. It was very good.

In the evening we had a look into the city and spotted a few highlights.

On the following day we had a few things to do ( Internet, bank, car) This took the whole day.

In the evening we rocked the Reggae Pup. There was a Bob Marley flair.

The next morning started with a small hangover. We went to the famous Petronas Twin Towers, they`re really impressive. It`s a shame that we couldn`t walk over the bridge cause we were to late to get the tickets. You have to be there at 8am but we came at 5 pm A bit to late.

We were sick of Kuala Lumpur and tried to go to Pulau Pangor, a small island. After a long confusing ride to get out of KL we were next to our hostel again But now our wheels found their right way out of the city and we could go up north. We pitched our tent next to a river. This was a insider tip of a lokal Indian guy who we met on the street. He drove with us straight to the place, and said it`s a really nice spot, but he didn't tell us anything about the "Mozzis".

After a night full of "Mozzis" finally we were heading to Pulau Pangor. We spent two days and one night there. It`s the most gorgeous spot we have seen in Malaysia.

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Let's cross the half world to drive home from Singapore to Germany
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