Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Thailand 25.01.08 - 23.02.08: Phuket and surrounding area, Koh Phi Phi

In the no mans land between Malaysia and Thailand

We had no problems to leave Malaysia but small communication problems with the customs officials of Thailand. We drove non-stop to Phuket to welcome our Belgium friend Romy at the bus station, because she is going to travel with us again. We arrived in Phuket in the middle of the night and slept in a small fishing villiage next to the beach. In the morning we got to know the beautiful sunsets of Thailand.

A few really drunken Thai guys woke us up with loud music and a bottle of rum. Shortly after two young boys started to talk in Thai with us. Nobody couldn't understand even one word, but everyone was happy.

It was a drowsy drive through the city till we found the bus station. There we picked up our friend Romy. Again we are 4 in our car.

After a long search we found a small cozy bungalow near the beach. We moved in for a few days.

We zipped cocktails,

painted our windshield for the car,

and went shopping in the street markets.

There should be an island in our area on which James Bond already fought against the bad boys. The name of this island is "James Bond Island". You need to haggle to get a reasonable price to charter a Longtailboat. We past other impressive islands and caves on the way.

It took us 1,5 hours to reach the crowded Island. The whole island looked like a market but the aperture of the island was not more then 250m. To walk on the island you had to pay a fee of 4 Euro for the national park each person and nobody told us this before. So we decided just to drive around and we didn't miss anything.

We navigated our car on the direction to Ao Nang, as soon as our feet touched the mainland. From there we want to enter one of the most beautiful island of the world, Kho Phi Phi. We have been lucky to find a fair on the way to Ao Nang.

Apart from the culinary food (grasshoppers, flour worms and bugs),

clothes and furniture there was something for red-blooded men. In Germany you need to have a long experience in a gun club to be allowed to shoot a real gun and here you can choose between a 45 pistol, revolver or a rifle. We didn't want to pass up this golden opportunity so let`s get five bullets for 2 Euro and action.

After we strengthened our maleness we drove to Ao Nang. We hopped on the ferry to the island of our dreams two sunny days later. When the ferry turned into the dock we couldn't believe how clear the water was and how many colorful fish were inside. We found a cheap accommodation (Oasis 1) which was supervised by a nice German woman. The time was amazing. We went scuba diving (including night dive). It was awesome, best visibility, nice crew and hips of interesting animals like sharks, morays, snakes and tons more. We also spend our time in partying, snorkeling,

and chill out on the beach

Another fantastic thing we did was a sunset trip to Maya Bay. Crystal-clear water, nice snorkel spots, white sandy beaches, best weather, fun on the beach and a breathtaking sunset was included for 300 Baht (6 Euro) each.

Sadly feelings came up when we had to leave the Kho Phi Phi Islands. But it was time to go to Bangkok to pick up our fourth crew member Daniel who will arrive soon and say good buy to Romy. She fly back to Belgium but hopefully she come back soon.

© Florian Mueller, 2008
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