Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Vietnam 22.03.08 - 16.04.08: With a moped through Vietnam

When we reached the boarder it was no problem to go into Vietnam without a car.

We drove to the next bus station in the boarder town Ha Tien with a scooter-taxi. The plan was to take a bus to Saigon. But we had to wait 8 hours for the next one. To kill time we drunk a carton of "Saigon Beer" and played the guitar.

After a breacknecking and never ending bus tour we stepped out of the bus at 4 am in Saigon. Now we had to wait again till the sunrise to check into a hotel. We moved into a cheap hotel and spoke about how to continue our trip in Vietnam because we were sick of driving in a bus. To be more spontaneous and free the best solution was to rent a few motor bikes. But it is hard or impossible to get big motor bikes so we decided to rent 100 cc mopeds. If you rent them for a longer time then two weeks you can get it for 4 US $ a day. So we took 4 mopeds for 20 days and we were on the road again to the beach. It started to be funny again.

Some can't carry enough spare wheels.

In the evening we pitched the tent somewhere at the beach.

Andy caught a big fish for dinner.

From beach to beach up north with awesome views and sleeping travellers.

Flo had his first break down because he stopped for this nice view. Luckily just the chain jumped off. But without tools even if you have the knowledge you have to get a mechanic. It cost 12000 Dong = 0,70 Euro and was finished after 10 minutes. We continued to drive to Mui Ne, a paradise for kite surfers. We spent there a few days but without kite surfing, it was just too expensive for us.

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