Marc & Nora ROUND THE WORLD 2005/2006 - Join us!

Travel time: September 2005 - July 2006  |  by marc and nora L.

Australia - Down under: Nimbin

nora writes:

ok - nimbin! never heard of nimbin? my god, where do i start...
...nimbin is the ultimate hippie town! the rough guide (2001) describes nimbin as the following:
"Nimbin, site of the famed Aquarius Festival which launched Australian hippie culture in 1973, is understandably more reluctant than most towns to move out of its 1970s time warp; its house facades and shopfronts are painted in lurid, psychedelic designs, its small stores sell health food, incense sticks and patchouli oil...

...Many visitors may want to get out of town as quickly as possible, for you'll invariably be offered dope and probably heroin, as soon as you set foot on the street."

well, within 5 minutes in Nimbin we realised how right the rough guide is! the sad thing about nimbin is that it might have been a pretty cool place 30 years ago but today it is full of heavy drug addicts that hang around...

...again, we wanted to camp for free so we found a deserted lay-by. luckily we were not hasseled by anybody offering us dope or similar...however, the next morning we looked for a picnic spot to have brekkie.
the only picnic table is in the middle of town next to the public toilets (NICE)

craving for baked beans (wot a surprise) we started unpacking our cooking gear when the first person came around offering us god knows what...

...5 minutes later another weirdo came along, stopped right next to us to search the bins for food (or drugs?!) and then started to scream out of his lungs (very much like jason brown for our friends in the uk):

"He shit in his underpants"

this poor guy stood there, and had a conversation with himself and every 2 minutes he just repeated the above.
and we were right next to him trying to ignore him and enjoy our beans!

after breakfast i went to the toilet. big mistake! i could hear 3 people squeezing into the toilet next to me and arguing who paid for the last shot and who owes whom how much money... NICE!

we then went into the nimbin museum (which has no real opening time - it is open whenever the owner isnt too stoned) to discover the history of nimbin.
a very interesting museum with dope stories all over the walls...

...on the way out there is a little cafe and i couldnt believe my eyes - people bought weed in sizes that were hollywood like...a bag stuffed with weed of a size of a basketball!

very interesting!

thats all about nimbin - no photos, no evidence - sorry!

© marc and nora L., 2005
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Hello - 5 more days!!! On the 12th of September we are setting off! Our plan is to travel round the world for a period of 10 months. 1st stop: Thailand (1 month) and cambodia 2nd stop: Via Singapore (overland) to Australia where we plan to stay for approximately 4-5 months. 3rd stop: New Zealand (2 months) (north and south island) 4th stop: South America (approx. 3 months) (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and if time and money allows we might visit costa rica)
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