Marc & Nora ROUND THE WORLD 2005/2006 - Join us!

Travel time: September 2005 - July 2006  |  by marc and nora L.

Summary of Australia

We spent 5 months and 9 days in this beautiful country - longer than originally planned!

We had an amazing time and are happy about the fact that we did the west coast as well. Only seeing the east coast doesnt reveal enogh about this country.

It is the contrast that makes this continent so unique!

This is a summary of what we have done in australia:

it isnt very nice i know - only took me 3 minutes...

the dotted lines are flights we took and the rest was done overland.

to summarise>

We arrived in perth on October 10 - travelled up and down the West coast, heading South we took the inland road as a contrast to the coast.

We went as far north as Exmouth where we did our open water diving course - then went into karijini national park

We went south to Albany and inland via wave rock. We spent xmas in Albany.

On December 30 we flew to Sydney where we spent new years eve. Then we travelled all the way up to Cape tribulation and down to Sydney again.

From sydney we had a campervan relocation to melbourne and we went via canberra.

From melbourne we took a rental car from europcar (argh - gives me a headache again) and drove to adelaide.

From adelaide we flew into alice springs where we finished our australia tour with a 4 day adventure tour in the Red Centre.

some figures:

  • We drove 23592 kms in less than 4 months (including the trip to ayers rock which was not our own car)

  • We spent $2233,67 on fuel

  • We filled our 2 vans with 1916 litres of unleaded petrol

  • We saw approximately 150 ALIVE kangaroos

  • We saw (and smelt) approximately 800 dead kangaroos

  • We saw approximately 35 dead cows next to the road - completely demolished by the infamous Australian road trains.

  • We ve been to all states in Australia except Tasmania

We saw more than 100 new animals never seen life before - from kangaroos, wallabies, euros, emus, koalas, thorny devils, redback spider, huntsmen spider and another 50 species of spiders, cicadas, kookaburries, keas, 100 different bird species, echidnas, wombats, cossawaries, crocs, different sharks, triggerfish, sea snakes, moray eels, parrot fish, clown fish, different rays, sea stars, dolphins, whales, albatros, pelicans, etc. etc. - YOU NAME IT - WE SAW IT!

In short: Australia - we loved it!

© marc and nora L., 2005
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The trip
Hello - 5 more days!!! On the 12th of September we are setting off! Our plan is to travel round the world for a period of 10 months. 1st stop: Thailand (1 month) and cambodia 2nd stop: Via Singapore (overland) to Australia where we plan to stay for approximately 4-5 months. 3rd stop: New Zealand (2 months) (north and south island) 4th stop: South America (approx. 3 months) (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and if time and money allows we might visit costa rica)
Start of journey: Sep 12, 2005
Duration: 11 months
End of journey: Jul 31, 2006
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