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Travel time: September 2005 - July 2006  |  by marc and nora L.

Australia - Down under: Springbrook National Park

After reaching Murwullumbah on our way from the Nightcap NP we asked around for directions to Springbrook National Park which is reknowned for its abundance of glow worms. Of course it was dark already as the heavens opened (we only do things the difficult way) and it began to pour down. The directions were simple. "Just follow the road through and over the mountains....but....I would be careful because if its raining down here then the roads are bound to be flooded up there." Of course we thought, we wouldn't expect it any other way! He was right, the roads were flooded but fortunatley not so badly flooded that we couldn't pass. After about 2hrs careful and painfully slow driving we arrived at Springbrook national park. With it being esentially in the middle of nowhere and it being about 10 or 11pm what we didn't expect to see on arrival were coach loads of Chinese tourists. There was loads of them! I wandered over and blended in as I listened to their guide explain the history and geography of the Chinese. The rain eased and the Chinese tourists dispersed and with feet still sore from the leech attacks we started on the walk through the forest to 'Natural Bridge' which is the big attraction here along with the glow worms.

The bridge itself is described by the local tourism athority as "The rock archway of natural bridge spans the mountain-fed waters of cave creek. Behind the bridge, the creek forms a waterfall, which plunges into a gaping hole, disappearing into the depths of a cavern. From the pool below the bridge emerges a sparkling stream, which flows into the Nerang River and down the Numinbah Valley. Surrounding the creek is dense subtropical rainforest. To the east, towering cliff faces form the edge of Springbrook." What more can I say other than when you get down to the cave at night the sight of millions of shining green glow worms hanging from the cave ceiling is mind blowing (in fact its one of the largest known glow worm colonies in Australia). Its pitch black down there and when you look up its almost as if you are looking up at an amazing 'star-scape' in an unpolluted night sky! Really, Really nice!

In the cave underneath the 'Natural Bridge'

In the cave underneath the 'Natural Bridge'

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The trip
Hello - 5 more days!!! On the 12th of September we are setting off! Our plan is to travel round the world for a period of 10 months. 1st stop: Thailand (1 month) and cambodia 2nd stop: Via Singapore (overland) to Australia where we plan to stay for approximately 4-5 months. 3rd stop: New Zealand (2 months) (north and south island) 4th stop: South America (approx. 3 months) (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and if time and money allows we might visit costa rica)
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