Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Malaysia 09.01.08 - 25.01.08: The first boarder and impressions:

We fought our way through the streets of singapore to end up in a big traffic jam at the boarder with a lot of cars and thousands of mopeds. The smell of the exhaust gases was dreadfull. We had no problems with the Malaysian customs, but we had to explain them how to fill in the form for the car. Stamp here and signature there, they would overwrite Malaysia to us. Almost away from the boarder suddenly a police officer stopped us and asked: "What is in that box on the top of your car?" and we answered :" Food, how can we get to Mersing? He didn't check us anymore and explained the way friendly.

It's not allowed to take pictures at the boarder.

A quick petrol refill at almost german prices (1.88 MYR per litre petrol = 0.40 Euro)
We saw a funny sign on the way to Mersing. Now we are not worried about Kangaroos anymore...

We were exited like a frog in a sock.

We booked in a hotel in Mersing. The next day was supposed to be a car cleaning day, because there is a lot of salt on the car from the shipping. It was the second time that we clean the car. You can't clean your car for yourself. This job will be done by a professional car washing crew (2 Euro) Inside, outside and underneath and the car was really dirty. While that we spend our time singing in the shade.

We were chilling at the beach, snorkeling, swinging or relaxing at a nice bonfire at the beach.

We have been at our first beach in Malaysia. But the water is a bit brown because of the wetseason.

The jetty looked breakable but carried all 4 of us easily.

The next stop was in the Endau Rompin Nationalpark. Finally we saw our first wild monkey.

The park was closed because of the wetseason. If you look really close you are able to see that small parts of the road are missing

There was a lot to see. The first signs of elephants and mushrooms which are red like fire. They don't look so healthy

We also saw some weird animals. A bug that looks like a leaf and a massive ant.

Our favourite spot was an amazing waterfall. To Andis disappointment we could only reach it by crossing a suspension bridge. He ran over it.

In the evening we had a cozy campfire. A fire needs a lot of wood. So what else should we use our winch for?

At the next morning we drove via Malacka (Mc Donalds) and Port Douglas to Kuala Lumpur.

© Florian Mueller, 2008
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