Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Singapore 29.12.07 - 09.01.08:: Let's go !!:

Back in Singapore we had to win a paperwar against the agency of Singapore. But a few hours later we finished it with a diplomatic handshake.

We didn't start on sunday it was three days later on wednesday 9.01.08. Now we'll see if everything is allright. Did our Queen arrive well in Singapore? It was realy interessting to walk throgh the habour. We were looking for hall T4 were our car should be. We saw huge cargo on the way.

When we arrived at our ship we could see the car. She stand there gloryfull but not locked ;-( The lovely workers of the habour liked Florians Knife, Maglite, his Ipod and our mobile so they took everything. But the main thing is that the car is ok.

After a few problems to start the car and the customs check, the wheels start rolling on the Singaporian streets. We had a short stop on our hostel to pick up our luggage. But it was not easy to find the way to little India through the busy town.

Now we were able to start our journey. New in our Crew is a Australian guy. He calles himself Mark. A nice, funny, naturally and hairy human being. And now let's drive to Malaysia.

© Florian Mueller, 2008
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The trip
Let's cross the half world to drive home from Singapore to Germany
Start of journey: Oct 02, 2006
Duration: 33 months
End of journey: July 2009
Travelled countries: Germany
The Author
Florian Mueller is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 14 years.