Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Malaysia 09.01.08 - 25.01.08: Cameron Highlands and Endau Rompin N.P.

In the Cameron Highlands we picked our own strawberries for breakfast and drunk fresh tea next a tea field.

We drove to the Taman Negara National Park through the breathtaking mountains. We got an insider tip from our friend and guide "Lonely Planet" to stop in a small village were we should find an impressive cave. The way to the entry of the cave was already an adventure which you should avoid if it`s wet (high risk of injury). It just rained before...

Inside the cave were arches up to 20 meters high.

We spotted the one and only resident of that cave. We named him Caveanimal.

We navigated our car to the National Park. They guess it is one of the oldest forests with a age of 130 Million years. Gigantic insects and dangerous animals inhabit this area (tiger, elephant, baer, rino, jaguar). To spot these animals we decided to take 3 walks. The first one with 17.2 km, the second with 9 km and the last with 1.8 km. So we put our "Jungle" boots on and grabed the waterbottles and the knifes. We had breakfast and started walking, 17.2 km deepest jungle. Sometimes we weren't able to see the overgrown path so we had to mark the trees to find the way back. There were only footprints of the wild animals within ultralarge footprints of elephants. We met up on a special way with the leeches. Thousands of bloodthirsty leeches try to sneak in our pants and shoes to drink our sweet blood. Every one of us carryed at least 20 of these bastards.

We crossed rivers, swamps and past huge trees.

At least a few animals showed up, dead

or alive

It took us the hole day to master the half way and we ran totaly out of time. Because it is impossible to find the way back when it`s dark. We had to sleep in a cave in the middle of the jungle and used the last light before the nighttime to collect some firewood. Set up a cozy bed next to a bonfire in the cave. The night was a bit fitful caused by the total darkness inside the cave. We could only see the light of a few glow worms and were starving but at least we had water from one of the clear and cold rivers that we crossed on the way back. The way back took us only half the time and we couldn't wait to eat toast and tuna with a lot of onions. Now it was time for a revange against the leeches on our legs. It was a massacre. MMUUHHHAAAHHAAHAA....

The Taipusam Festival will start soon so we started driving down to Kuala Lumpur.

© Florian Mueller, 2008
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