Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Cambodia 23.02.08 - 22.03.08: From Sihanoukville to the Cardamon Mountains

We drove all the way south to the beach because Daniel was so aspirated to go to the beach and the ocean. On the way we got a heavy loaded moped in front of our camera. How can you balance something like this?

Three of the five faces are going to the beach.

We moved into a beach bar (Frog Shack)when we reached the beach of Sihanoukville. Two American girls who we met in Siam Reap, recommended this place. The accommodation was free (we were wondering), instead you had to drink or eat something at the bar. It is a 10 second walk from our bed to the sea and you can chill out in one of the cozy seats on the beach. Maybe with a cold beer?

The children a collecting empty cans and bottles till late night and sometimes they ask for a dollar or a bit food. They were fascinated by our cameras and we couldn't stop them to take pictures of everything. They also loved our Coca Cola which they finished very quick till the last drop.

The beach was a bit crowded at daytime but around 80% of them were locals.

And 1 % are we ...

We contract friendship with a Vietnamese girl (Won). Her job is it to offer services and goods on the beach (manicure, pedicure, massage, bracelets and a lot more).

The Cambodian kitchen supplied us with two BBQ sharks and a crispy spider as a starter. The sharks tasted exquisite but you had to get used to the taste of the spider.

On the following day we almost missed our party boat, which drove us to a Jump rock and to an uninhabited island. The jumps were a bit small (5m), but the island with BBQ was great.

After an aimless driving, we decided to travel to Cambodia's north-west. There should be an untouched jungle packed with exotic animals and plants. We were heading towards the city Koh Kong. Our camp was a bit out of the town, on a small mountain overlooking a river delta and on top we had an amazing sunset.

On the next day we had a long and stressful day searching for a waterfall. Finally we found it in the evening, but it wasn't worth the time, we spent to find it.

After a cool dip we drove back to our base camp to be on the mend, because we are going to explore the mountains tomorrow. We were finished with picking up food and petrol for our journey when two jeeps and six dirt bikes got our attention. Our mind led us to the right person, Nick Berry tour guide for the Cardamon Mountains.
He told us that he will go on a tour with an English guy (Blue Loo) and another German ( Dave ). He invited us to join his group of dirt bikes tomorrow and we were happy to follow them up. We had a nice evening and a couple of beers to get to know each other a bit better. After a good German breakfast at Otto's place, we were heading to the mountains. The way led us over hill and dale to a beautiful waterfall, where the nature forced us to stop for a while because of the heavy rain. Thereby we met a family, which lives in the jungle. They invited us to move in their shed.

Nick guided us to a beautiful and remote river where we settled down for tonight. We fried chicken and veggies for dinner and had some ice cold beers. Special thanks to the English "Ice block rolling technic "

Sadly our two-wheel friends had to go back on the next day. But our way should go through the mountains straight to Phnom Penh. The track wasn't easy and after a few bloodcurdling parts of the track we followed the advice of the locals to drive back. Still we had a funny challenge and again we were surprised what is possible with a 4WD.

Over happy and goggle faces were passing us in the small villages of the mountains, because it is rare to see a car or even white peoples here.

Final destination....

Back in Koh Kong we reported Nick our adventure. Next stop: Phnom Penh (Capital City).

© Florian Mueller, 2008
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