Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Singapore 29.12.07 - 09.01.08:: The gate to asia:

Almost everything is ready to go. We can`t wait till we receive our "Queen" on the 6th of January. The only thing you can do here is shopping, eating or having party. But everything except the food is really expensive ( 13S$ = 6,50 Euro per beer in a club). We bought, ate and celebrated more than a lot. Our hostel has a nice and cosy australian style, but it`s located in "Little India".


If we went out we mostly warmed up in our hostel pub and then went to the crowdy and funny Clarke Quay. There`re clubs, pubs, discos and restaurants. There is something for everyone ( if you have enough money )

We also have been in Sentosa Island. There was a nice beachparty.

The cheapest beer from the supermarket. It has an really effective name


Everyday something from the foodcourt, almost everytime rice and spicy stuff. But all in all good and cheap ( 1,50 Euro p. meal )

Nice expressing Andy

Sadly we found only one surfer-chick, because there is not even one wave here. So Andy and Florian picked her immediately up.

Here is another funny picture of a truckload full of Indians on their way to work.

Singapore is just another big multiculture city in the world. We were fed up after three days and we couldn`t wait till sunday.....

Because Singapore is so expensive, we thought about how to save money. The easiest way was to go to Indonesia. Batam is only 1 hour away from Singapore. So we checked out of our hostel in Singapore and travelled with the ferry to Batam.

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The trip
Let's cross the half world to drive home from Singapore to Germany
Start of journey: Oct 02, 2006
Duration: 33 months
End of journey: July 2009
Travelled countries: Germany
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