Travel time: October 2006 - July 2009  |  by Florian Mueller

Malaysia 09.01.08 - 25.01.08: Taipusam Festival in the Batu Caves

A few hours later after hundreds of driven kilometers we arrived in Kuala Lumpur again to find ourself in the totally crowded area of the Batu Caves.

They had huge headdresses and colorful robes or hooks through the skin. Some of them performed ritually dances to hallow their gods.

It was strange for us to see whats going on here. For some of them we were almost a bigger attraction. A few asked to take pictures with us. When the festival was finished we stopped over in Pulau Pinang. There was a snake temple with snakes who were drugged up to the eyballs. In the evening we chilled in a beach bar with a cold beer.

On the next day we set the sails to Thailand.....

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The trip
Let's cross the half world to drive home from Singapore to Germany
Start of journey: Oct 02, 2006
Duration: 33 months
End of journey: July 2009
Travelled countries: Germany
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