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Guestbook :My trip around the world... India

Viorwaynoro 1351268318000
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Mohammed wasim 1231527583000
I was searching for holiday destination i dono how I found this link I must say I enjoyed your experience... I was feeling as if things are happening in front of my eyes....

I really liked your narration ….exciting just started reading will try to read every thing Written by you (busy with work  ) …you have fan here in Bangalore lol

Take care….. bye
Sharad 1219125307000
Nice stuff to read about Nasik..I am from nashik..How are you doing now..?? Where are you now.?? Have you been to Kerala? I suggest you must visit it in Oct - March season...Keep roaming''& call me whenever you are in India. 09921001186
Sonali 1192811396000
Hi Roger
We are trying to provide a community website for expats and foreigners who have been in India or are currently in India.
We would appreciate if you would create a profile at www.indiaexpats.net and also share your articles and views.

Berti 1170842131000
Nice to read all. I was 6 times in India. I have seen so much. If you go again and you have problems with your stomach and Diarrhoe, go in the farmacie and take "Metronidazol".
In India so many people have lambliasis( like amöbes).
With Metronidazol you fell better in 2 days and the animals in your stomach will lost your life.
gaurav 1159905113000
Have u stopped blogging your trip or moved it to some place else ? I read what I could find here but then it ended abruptly.
james 1130111329000
i think i must have been in namaste guest house at om beach when you were there, if not just before or after.

did you meet baupen, the legendary waiter from nepal?
anonymous 1127609660000
nice one nicole

alan from London UK
Richard 1110567857000
From 12-03-2005 you can look at Nicoles'photo's on: http://www.nicole3.com/
Vikas 1110434849000
Hi Nicole,
I stumbled upon you dairies by accident. You must be having a ball of a time J. Where are you right now? I ‘am planning to have a trip similar to yours, hope I can make it. All the best, HAPPY TRAVELING J
jo 1105358293000
i really enjoyed yr diaries, especially the bit about palemlom.i was thinking of going there and now i have decided i will!maybe do yoga or something.. i have come from london, england, and i am just travelling around s.india, bit stressful some times! Anyway looking forward to here from your down to earth stories! jo
The Autor's comment: hey jo, hope you are enjoying your trip and you didn't meet up with the tsunami. thanks for your nice comment. will update soon, cos I got new adventures to tell the world... enjoy... Nicole
Nell Schemioneck 1104801205000

I am glad to hear that you are safe in Thailand. You have been one of the lucky ones.

Good luck for the rest of your stay.

Nell Schemioneck
The Autor's comment: hey nell, I am fine, yes... everything was quite shocking but I ve been very lucky... I am in the north of thailand now, out of the danger zone. will come to australia soon...
greetz... Nicole
Nicole Schemionek [?] 1104570387000
hallo @all,

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy new year 2005,... loads of luck and health to everybody...

ps. thanks rich for writing the comment... x
Richard 1104131434000

I got a message from Nicole. She is not hurt by the "Tsunami" that hit Asia. She will move on to Bankok.

Nicole Schemionek [?] 1103987208000
hallo @ all...
Merry Xmas and a happy new year to everybody... hope you are all doing well and that you have a great time. I am in Ko Lanta in thailand at the moment and will update the diary soon... xxxnicole
Srini 1102676994000
Hi Nicole,
Guten Tag. I am from Bangalore.Great read this, being from India atleast I know what a German thinks about India. I guess every tourist in India get harrassed a lot. Hope you have a great time of whatever is left.
The Autor's comment: hey srini
thanks for your comment. I am flying out to thailand on 19th of dec. I liked india a lot... and also got to know some really nice people... I will come again...
cheers Nicole
MadFoxx 1101041574000
Nice to see you keep such effort in your neat travel story's. There fun to read. Great pic's too. placed your link on my webby for easy access.
Did you roll that exellent spliff btw ? Art.
The Autor's comment: Hoi Rob en Art... hoe is het met jullie? ik hoop wel goed... nou, dat jointje heb ik niet gerolld... dat waren die anderen... vandaag ga ik mijn site weer eens updaten... dus blijven lezen. hebben jullie mijn postkaart in de kantine bij hecc gezien? hihi... prettige sinterklaas en tot gauw... nicole
tim 1095695220000
heey nicole
deze site is beter te doen dan het duits niet zo goed in...ghehehhehehhe...maar ik ben nu duits aan het leren op school dus mischien over een half jaartje dat ik het beter kan leze...ghehehheheh....ach ja maar nog alles goed daar?? hier wel hoor.
groetjes tim en ook van mun mama die naast me staat te kijken
The Autor's comment: hey timmeke... hihi... beetje laat, ik weet maar ondertussen hebben we wel al gemaild... Ik hoop dat alles goed met je is en vandaag zou ik ook een nieuw bericht in het engels voor je schrijven... goed? nou dan... tot laterdipater... (B) je weet wel... groetjes thuis... xxxnicolexxx
Nicole Schemionek [?] 1094314159000
@ all,
thanks for your comments and I will be update the english version of my diary as soon as possible. I am in Pondicherry now at the beach and it's just too hard to get myself started. In the meantime you can check out the pic's on my homepage. Take care... Nicole
MadFoxx 1094143903000
Hi Nicole

Finally something i can read Plain english. Ill check back on this one, since i get terrible headaches from trying to read german.

You're really something ehh. First hop on a world trip, and along the way become a teacher aswell. I'll remember for if you get back. I can use someone that can do some serious stress relief ( as long as it doesn't involve icewater etc

I'll check back here soon
In the meanwhile Have FUN


Germán 1093807279000
Hi Nicole,
I see you are having a great time. Thanks for letting us know and... well, have fun!! I see you are really enjoying it!
Richard 1093603253000
Hoi Nicole,

Je zult het er wel druk mee hebben, om alles in twee talen te schrijven. Ook dit dagboek is een genot om te lezen. Groetjes aan George.
Kim 1092575551000
Nice to read up on your progress, in english.
Take care and have fun!!1