My trip around the world... India

Travel time: July 2004 - December 2007  |  by Nicole Schemionek

In Nasik

On sunday the 11th of july I went to nasik by train... The fist time of my life I was sitting together with my rucksack in the luggage rack... That was quite cosy... Hihi... I could sleep a bit and also see the countryside from time to time when the doors where open... arrived in nasik I took a riksha to the yogacenter where I am following a yoga teachers course for a month... an english girl was already there... George... So I was quite happy to see somebody from europe... And chat a bit in proper english. The night we went to a yoga therapy center where we stayed for some days until the course started. In between catherina from australia and susanne from holland arrived. On tuesday and wednesday the four of us went out to nasik city... We had some nice coffees in the cafe day and bought us some nice indian dresses. We really could communicate very well with each other and now we are sharing a hut in the mountains... On wednesday we also had some breezers and I had my last cigarrettes... On thursday afternoon we went to the ashram. It is about an hour away from nasik. The countryside is fucking beautiful and there is nothing around here. Only green and mountains and the sun and the blue sky... Ok... Sometims some heavy rains... Hiih... But that's ok... I really like it over here... The timetabel is really strikt. Getting up at 5, meditation at 6, yogaasanas from half past six until half past eight, breakfast at nine, ten till 12 lectures and 13 o'clock lunch. Until 15 o'clock we got free time to study or walk around. Then we got another lecture and after that another yogaasana session until 17:30. After yoga we got sanskrit lesson and after that is dinner. Then we can sing baghans or having a group discussion and then going to bed around 22 o'clock. So it's quite a hard timetable but we are getting there...

Ok that is it until now. There won't change much in the next two weeks. The course ends at the 14th of august and then I will see where I will end up in my two weeks off...

finally I got to write my story in english... Even if it is not that detailed as it is in german, I hope you enjoy reading... it might take me a while to write my diary in english but I really try to keep you up to date... have fun out there... And take care...

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The trip
It began July 5, 2004: 8 hours flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Mumbai - where I arrived in an early Indian morning.
Start of journey: Jul 05, 2004
Duration: 3 years
End of journey: December 2007
Travelled countries: India
The Author
Nicole Schemionek is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 20 years.
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