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Travel time: July 2004 - December 2007  |  by Nicole Schemionek

28.12. Hitchhiking from Ko Lanta to Bangkok: 01.02. Trekking around Pai

the last three days have been the most hardest on my whole journey. Iwent trekking for three days in a nontourist aerea together with threedutch girls and a swedish guy. it was all great fun. but if I knewbefore how hard it would be, I would have thought about it one moretime... we started off in the morning of the first february. it wasa very high way up to the top of a hill. there we had a break andafter we went to a village to have lunch. I was pretty done by thenalready. after that we went to a little waterfall so that we couldwash ourselfes a bit. I just only went in there with my feet becauseit was very cold. after that we went along the river to the nextvillage where we stayed for the night. the way to there was very veryvery hard. there was no path or something to walk on and it was in thejungle and you had to watch just every step you took. I found it veryhard and I was almost always walking in the end... hihi.. but couldn't look left or right and so I just needed to be veryconcentrated the whole time. this was very tiring... in the evening wearrived at the Lisu village. everybody took a bucket shower and wewere sitting outside watching the sunset. this was very nice. theguide and his helpers were cocking inside the house where we slept aswell. we had some kind of matrasses and it was a big room. the firewas inside as well as the chicken and the pigs and dogs... so thatwas quite nice... but even though I was glad that we closed thedoor in the evening... we had some whiskey with the dinner and itkept us quite warm. we all had some thin sleeping bags and I have tosay that I was quite cold during the night... but it was ok in theend. the dinner was rice and vegetables with a little bit of meat... it was very nice... the next morning we got a good breakfastwith coffee tea and toast (butter and jam). we had a look around inthe village and it was great to see all the people getting up andmaking themselves ready for the day. they were feeding the baby's andthe animals and it was just very nice to see. after this village wewent on... it was a hard walking day again... very high up and verydeep down in the end of the day. I didn't see that much again and wasquite upset. as well I fall down a couple of times because my shoeswere just no trekking shoes... only cheap fake diesel from I was sliding all the time and that was pretty annoying because Iwas slow and couln't make big steps... but yeah... With lunch wehave been to a Lahu village. we had great soup and some bananas. afterthis we had to climb on another hill again and then down the hill tothe camp for the night. this was the hardest bit for me. I was justconstantly sitting on my ass and couldn't even do one step. in the endI was hanging on the rucksack of the guide and we went down togetherwhich was better... I felt really stupid but I couldn't help it... the camp was in the middle of the jungle. it was just an open hut andthere was a big fire inside. for showering we went to a little tinywaterfall. there was a little lake in front from the water. I was sosweaty... I needed the full wash... I jumped in the lake... andI washed my hair... it was freezing cold... really... but I didn'tcare... and it was such a nice view around and the frogs weresinging as well in the background. after showering we were sittingdown and waiting for dinner. they were cooking outside on a littlefire and inside on the big fire they made the rice in bamboosticks.that was great to see. also the plates for dinner were from bamboo. wehad bamboo cups as well... for dinner we had two kinds of veggiesand rice... it was very good. this night we didn't have matrasses.we were sleeping on a plastic foil which was spread out over somebamboosticks. it was not that comfortable. it was good for my feetthough... because my feet were near the fire and somethimes I reallythought that they were burning... hihi... but they weren't... we had quite a late night and woke up pretty early the next morning.for breakfast we had baked potatoe and after that rice withvegetables. it was delicious again... what to say... yeah... and then we went back to the main road to go back to pai. this was thenicest part of the trekking for me... we had to walk up a greathill in the beginning but after that it was only down and streight... I could have a look around as well and could take some picturesfrom the scenery... I really enjoyed myself. now I am reallyfeeling tired. my legs are hurting very much and I just want to go tosleep. I got my old guesthouse and I will sleep outside tonight forjust an euro... Tomorrow I will go to chiang mai and then take thebus to chiang khong and go further to laos... see how that willbe...

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The trip
It began July 5, 2004: 8 hours flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Mumbai - where I arrived in an early Indian morning.
Start of journey: Jul 05, 2004
Duration: 3 years
End of journey: December 2007
Travelled countries: India
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Nicole Schemionek is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 20 years.
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