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Travel time: July 2004 - December 2007  |  by Nicole Schemionek

06.10. Sick in Goa

The 30th of september I went by train from chennai back to bombay (26 hours) to pick up christian (my travelpartner) in bombay. He arrived from frankfurt the 1 st of october during the night. we went to our hotel by taxi and grabbed a beer on the way. the hotelroom was horrible. there was no window and it was really damp in there and it was smelling like shit. I didn't realise that when I booked the room, but during the night I realised that it was a bad decision. Actually there was another filmshooting the next day in bombay where I was written in for. it started at 8 o'clock but I couldnt be bothered. after all I really felt sick. I had a bad stomach ache and diarea like hell. we got out of the room at 12 o'clock. actually we wanted to go to hyderabad with the train at 10 o'clock in the evening, because there was another filmshooting. we went to the trainstation, stocked our bags and went back to town and were sitting in the cafe mondegar. I was very happy that the toilet over there was ok... and so I spent more time at the toilet than on the table... think that it was quite boring for chris... after all we decided that it makes no sense when we are going to hyderabad. christian also was (or is) still sick with a bronchitis which he brought with him from germany... So we got out of the cafe and tried to find a decent room in bombay where we could stay for one more day to recover for a traintrip. we went to the bentleys hotel, which was actually very expensive but the room was really big with a tv and shower and toilet in the room and not on the floor (which I liked the most) . then we went back to the trainstation, got our bags out of the cloakroom, canceled the ticket to hyderabad and got us a new ticket to goa on monday morning at 7. The whole sunday we spent in the room... ok... we tried to walk around a bit one time but it was just not right... on monday we got the early train and went to goa. I felt quite good in the train as soon as I didn't move. I was sleeping most of the times and so I could avoid going to the toilet... we arrived in vagator at 8 in the evening and found a nice cheap room here with a garden and toilet inside the room... Still my stomach is really bad and the diaria is still not stopping... I am always tired and I have no energy to do something... Chris is getting better and he dared to eat chicken the first evening in goa... that was brave... he is doing very well with his stomach and I am a bit jeleaus... So I think we will move to another place soon. i hope we are getting a nice hut on the beach (hopefully with a toilet) and that I can get rid of my stomachproblems... the doctor said that I shouldn't take medicine, just only drinking loads of water and let it go by itself (thanks Rich for consulting the doc for me... ... hmmm... sounds ok,... but it just takes a long time already... Ok... will let you know how it is going... take care out there and see ya... xxxnicxxx

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The trip
It began July 5, 2004: 8 hours flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Mumbai - where I arrived in an early Indian morning.
Start of journey: Jul 05, 2004
Duration: 3 years
End of journey: December 2007
Travelled countries: India
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