My trip around the world... India

Travel time: July 2004 - December 2007  |  by Nicole Schemionek

It began July 5, 2004: 8 hours flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Mumbai - where I arrived in an early Indian morning.

Mumbai, India - The arrival

The 5th of july I started my trip around the world in frankfurt... I took the plain to mumbai (india) and arrived in the earlymorning. I was picked up by a member of the and everything was just fine... It was quite hot when I arrived there and as soon as we left the airport it started to rain. It's the rainy season now over here so it is raining a lot... Hoho... How could you guess... Hihi.. Ok... I stayed from tuesday until sunday with Faiz, the indian host of me... He was always very nice and taking care about everything. We went to bombay on wednesday and I could see the city. We went there by train. In the local trains women and men are travelling apart... I didn't know that... So it was quite interesting. In mumbai town I met Vihar, a friend of Faiz and he was showing me around in town. It was very hot that day and I got back to the flat of Faiz quite early... Mumbai is a really big city and it is crowded everywhere. I am not really a fan of big cities because I always get lost... Hihi... But I had very good guides... (thanks again... ... On friday I went with Faiz to elephanta island. That was very beautiful and we also had loads of luck with the weather... First you go by boat for an hour to the island... That is very nice already. Once you are at the island you are going up many stairs. On both sides of you are little shops which are selling all kinds of stuff... Then you come to the caves... It's a kind of a museum. It's quite interesting to see... But I was very happy that I actually saw my first monkey alive... Hihi... After the caves Faiz and me went up to the top of the island... That was really great... It's a really impressing nature and we had a beautiful view on the ocean... After some hours we went back to the city by boat. The sea was quite strong and so most people in the boat got wet... Hihi.. I liked it very much because it was also not cold... Back in town Faiz and me went to the Mondegar Cafe... We had some beers and I had a nice pizza. Vihar was coming later as well and we had a nice chat... the cafe is really great... Nice music, nice drinks... Think it's really worth it to give it go when somebody is in mumbai. In the evening we went home and I cooked pasta with tomatoesauce. On sunday, the 11th of july I went by train to nasik where I am doing my yoga teachers education by now. The journey by train was a nice experience. I was sitting with my rucksack in the luggage rack and sometimes I had a nice view outside when the doors where open.X

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The trip
Start of journey: Jul 05, 2004
Duration: 3 years
End of journey: December 2007
Travelled countries: India
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