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Travel time: July 2004 - December 2007  |  by Nicole Schemionek

06.10. Sick in Goa: 28.10. Palolem to Gokarna

I stayed in palolem for almost two weeks and it was like heaven. the beach over there is really great and the weather was very nice as well... the food delicious and just everything was perfect. one afternoon I went to the Casa Fiesta to get me a nice bruschetta. the waiter over there knew me already. after a while he came over to my table and invited me to the marriage of his sister in kerala the 2nd of november. he said that I should come the next morning to get the traintickets ready. I said that I am not sure yet and that I will let him know. In the evening I went to sions worldkitchen to get me a nice indian dinner. I was sitting over there, reading my book and the owner came over to my table and we started talking. it was a nice conversation and in the end he was sitting down and we had dinner together, dinner and a bottle of wine... he paid everything in the end and that was really nice... I had really great hummus with mushrooms and onions and he had a mushroom tikka which was really great as well. the sions worldkitchen is a really nice place with nice places to sit, and nice music in the backround. there are nice corners with cusions and plants and also a really great bar. the bar is built around a tree and just looks amazing. I was talking to the owner for hours and he said that he needed somebody for the season to take the bar over... and who he can trust with the business. he asked me if I wanted to do the job and he said that I will get paid very well. I was thinking about it a bit but then I decided that I am on holiday. after the business convo he started and told me about all his beautiful girlfriends over the whole world and as well about his experiences in tantra sutra... hmmm... ok... it was quite interesting but when he started and meditated at the table, i felt quite uneasy... hihi... so in the end I said goodbye and went to the cafe del mare to see nigel and tell him about my day... I told him about the owner of the sions worldkitchen and about the business which he offered me. I asked him if he wanted to come with me the next evening to get a second opinion... the next morning I was supposed to go back to the casa fiesta to get my traintickets, but I wasn't sure if it would be right just to go with the guy which only served me my bruschetta twice. so I just stayed in bed and went to the beach. in the evening I met with nigel and we went to the sions worldkitchen. when we entered I couldn't see the owner... I turned around and he was sitting on a table (let's say he was almost laying on the table) with an almost empty bottle of whiskey. I just wanted to turn around and go,... but it was too late. he saw us and so we sat down and he was starting a convo with nigel. nigel made great fun out of him. the owner was really fucking drunk and didn't really know what he was talking,... so he just talked about his god and his way to god and about meditation and sex.. hoho... I was sitting there, listening to the convo and smiling to myself. sometimes the owner would turn to me and say: ah... what a nice girl nicole is... and then he didn't look into my eyes but a bit deeper... I felt quite uneasy and said to nigel that we should leave as soon as possible... what we did in the end. After sions we went to the del mare again and guess what... the waiter from the casa fiesta was sitting at the bar, waiting for me to give me a bad time because I didn't show up in the morning to get the tickets. I said that I wasn't sure and asked him if he is following me... hmmm... after a while he paid for some wodkas for me and said again that I should come to the marriage and after this we would go back to goa and open an own business... I could stay in his house and we would share the income... bah... it can go very quick that you get a job in goa... hihi... but I just said thank you and bye bye... hmmm... I went to nigel and told him that it is time for me to go... the next day I packed my stuff and went to gokarna and from there to the Om beach which was really fucking great. there is only one cafe there, the Namaste and they are renting rooms as well. I also met christian there and we shared a room in the end because there were no rooms free. they showed me one hole... the bed was nasty and the walls were black,... there was no window and I felt sick already when I was only one minute in there. There were lots of people over there, sitting around tables, smoking pott and drinking beer. the beach was very nice and clean and there are loads of rocks around. the scenery is really great and I liked it very much. the next day we made a trip by boat to the paradise beach which was really tiny. we just stayed there an hour and went back to the om beach. behind in the woods they are building a resort at the time... the OM Beach Resort. I think that there can stay about 500 tourists at a time and it will be really expensive... I think that this year was the last time for the quiet om beach scenery... it's ashame... hmmm... but yeah... can't change it. One day I went swimming in the sea and I was going really far out. I wanted to swim around the rocks to the next bay... but I was a bit afraid because the current was really strong. so I stopped and was thinking if I should or shouldn't. so I was paddeling around and was looking over the sea and then it happened. like 15 meters away there were two dolphins jumping out of the water,... hoho... that was a shock for me. I never saw dolphins in real only Flipper on tv and I was really afraid... I know that dolphins don't do anything but when they are that close and you are out in the sea and it is at least half an hour swimming back to the beach,... then you are thinking about the weirdest things... the dolphins were jumping another time and then they were gone. I thought about sharks... and swam back as quick as I could... hihi... that was a great experience...

and now some interesting stuff... I think that I slept in a flea nest... my whole left side is full of flea and mosquito bites,... from my feet over my legs, my stomach, my neck and my arms... hoho... so I think I got some visitors in my bed as well as on the beach... I think I have them now for almost 3 weeks and they are still itching... that's nasty... hmmm... so if anybody knows something good against fleabites,... let me know... ok... that's it for now... pic's are coming later, in the south they only use win98 without usb I guess...

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The trip
It began July 5, 2004: 8 hours flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Mumbai - where I arrived in an early Indian morning.
Start of journey: Jul 05, 2004
Duration: 3 years
End of journey: December 2007
Travelled countries: India
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