My trip around the world... India

Travel time: July 2004 - December 2007  |  by Nicole Schemionek

28.12. Hitchhiking from Ko Lanta to Bangkok: 11.01.05 Back in Chiang Mai

Yesterday we went back to Chiang Mai. I need to be in Phitsanoluk on the 12th of January. We went to the cinema and today I am going to spent a lot of time updating the diary on the internet and uploading the new pictures I took. As last lunch we get some Italian food and tomorrow at 7:00 A.M I'm taking the bus to Phitsanoluk. Chris will take the VIP bus ( at least this is how Chris named the bus....hihi.. )to Bankok. So at that point each one of us will go their own way. Until the 23rd of January I will stay at the meditation course. My Visa ends at the 5th of February and then I will travel to Laos. But that is in the future.. See ya...Nicole

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The trip
It began July 5, 2004: 8 hours flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Mumbai - where I arrived in an early Indian morning.
Start of journey: Jul 05, 2004
Duration: 3 years
End of journey: December 2007
Travelled countries: India
The Author
Nicole Schemionek is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 20 years.
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